Best grappling art for a boxer?

In response to a similar thread on here about striking arts for a grappler im posting this question. What would be the best grappling art for a boxer to learn? Which art would best complement the strengths of boxing, and best cover up its weaknesses in grappling?


no 1. lots of wrestling ( so he can keep from getting take down)

no 2. lots of work on submission defense

no. 3 lots of work on how to get back to his feet IF he is taken down.

Honestly, its probably judo. It would teach you great takedown defense as well as submissions. Sombo would also be great.

Fair enough that Judo would be good. But would it be bettetr to learn wrestling at least for the takedown defence? After all Judo has a more stand-up game that might mix better with boxing?

I boxed for a few years and decided to try judo. One aspect of judo that is hard for a boxer to get used to is that they (at least at the judo school I trained at) teach beginners to put thier power side forward (right hand forward if you are right handed). It is not a big deal to overcome but it does feel awkward at first. My best throw actually ended up to be a left handed drop shoulder throw.

How does wrestling compare to this. Do they teach you be powerside forward, opposite, or does it matter?


I would say for a boxer 75% wrestling to stay on your feet 25% submission grappling to avoid subs


Wrestling is the same with "power side forward".

You can still learn it the other way if choose. Its just a matter of training.

strait up folk style wrestling. highschool and college style. excellent deffence against takedowns shots and throws, and powerful controll of another man's position. look at fry.. nice mix of folk style wrestling and good old traditional boxing.
wouldn't hurt to roll with some bjj, and submission wrestlers for submission exposure and defence.