Best groin cup?

The cup I have is killing me and I'm wondering what the general consensus is on the best cup out there. I'm thinking about ordering the Thai "Ringside" cup from despite the very disturbing pictures there. Thanks.

Its not troll man, you should see the bruising I have; well, on second thought, just imagine it...Seriously though, I think I'm using a football cup.. "Athletics"? anyway, what do you guys use, For real.

XO pro cup.
The sides are soft so you can put your legs together without driving the edges of your cup into your thighs.

Best cup for grappling. Not as much protection as a Thai cup but much more comfortable.

NotsoMighty is right, pro cup is best in the biz. Strangely, I think wild celtic might be on to something though. . .

I had the same problem with bruising and all of that. I like the Shock Dr. flex cup, just wish it came in a compression short that didn't go up to your belly button and down to your knees. WTF? I had mine tailored to fit like normal boxer briefs.

wild celtic, I looked up the pro cup and it looks like a regular cup (unlike the one in the picture you posted) Am'I missing something?

I used to date this English broad who could cup a groin like nobody's business.