best guard in MMA, PERIOD!!!!

Mino?........ SUCKS!

BUSTA?........LAME-O! so 1988....


OMA?........ NO F'in WAY


The most undaratted guard in mma isnt any of the fighters mentioned above!


In fact, the best guard in mma isnt a fighter at all!!!!





It's none other than CECIL FRIGGIN PEOPLES!!

"stoppin fights, snappin shit off"


Y'all mutha f*ckas think Big john is tough, snapping brothas noses 'n shit, try this on for size:




1 cecil is in fract a person of color, BUT he was raised in Brazil and you shouldnt judge a book by its cover.

2 there are details of his technique in that photo that fly way under your radar- too technical for the BJJ novice to pick up at all......AT ALL!!!!

3 you should watch supersize me. fries are the devil.... THE DEVIL!!!!!

the way he controls both arms is excellent

my friend,

i too am a black belt under dave camarillo and i havent heard of you or cecil peoples!


you should ask david about "El Dragante de las Mundials" he will tell you. if he doesent, HE DOESENT EVEN KNOW!!!

Helio knows, gene Lebell knows, Rickson may know.....

Stormkaos, you have just trolled yourself

that guy has this one sweep that is unstoppable. hes taken out lightposts with it.

I didnt know oprah was doing MMA?

I dont understand anything that has transpired here today.

this explains everything. you will see the technique in years to come......

i m a black belt under cecil peepils and i say this thread is worethless

Looking at the picture, the guy has rubber gloves on. So therefore he is probably the referee and he's somehow jumped in to stop a match and pulled the guy to guard would be my wild guess. I look forward to hearing the actual story of this.



ttt for story

I hope you're kidding Elvis.

Look at the picture for yourself... He doesn't have MMA gloves on (as the fighter does in his guard). He's got rubber gloves. Therefore he has to be either the ref or a doctor. Maybe he's doing a cursory cut inspection from guard? Maybe we'll start seeing guard as a standard position in all doctors offices around the world?


Peoples IS a ref. He started out reffing for Kickboxing. I believe he is now spending much of his time judging.

Elvis is correct. He has latex, medical gloves on. It looks like he stopped a fight "too soon" and the other fighter didn't like it so he went at Cecil and Cecil is just defending himself.


Oh come on now chaps!!!

I'm getting a little cantankerous now...

What the devil is going on in that picture???

The Baron & Elvis would like to know...


The Baron Von Beatdown from Beeftown.

Elvis picked up on some fine details however I must correct him....

he IS fighting (as you can se by the arm bar!!) and he is wearing Srawls's new "super thin" mma glove.

super thin for grappling sensativity