Best gym in Canada??

If you had to choose three gyms in Canada which would you choose? I'm considering relocating and would like your opinions. Also throw in jobs into the rankings, if you know what I mean. THanks very much for your opinion.

Hamilton has Family Fitness, Watson's and the YMCA as good gyms in Hamilton. And there are lots of various types of jobs in such a large city with such a large diverse group of people, and different areas to live in.

Tristar in Montreal is something...

And it would be a shame to forget about Tompkins gym.

You can train at two great gyms at the same time in Montreal, a ton of job oppertunities too.

Tristar and GAMMA.

calgary/alberta has some great gyms...and can't be beat for jobs these days!

revolution fight team hands down

migo-- what fighters train out of Franko's?

Kombat Arts Training Academy

who fights out of kombat arts?

Team tompkins clearly!! we got all the champs!

revolution, team tompkins, tristar

awesome thread....just awesome.

"Hardeep Singh, Kenny Tran, Len Smith"

clearly kombat arts is at the top of hill

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i have never actually posted on the U.G. before, but for the record my name is Len Smith and I have fought six times in MMA (5 wins 1 loss) and I despise being dragged into pointless arguments,but here goes nothing:
1: who the fuck are you PablosNewton? have you ever fought?

2: do you have a life?
For the record I have never claimed to be the best fighter or to be part of the best fight team, but I do know that if you have the balls to come to my club, and talk smack to my face, I will mess you up and give you a very good reason to change your opinion.
Oh ya and for what its worth I think Kenny and Hardeep will both beat your lazy,fat,computer jockey ass into a coma on any given day.
604-526-4949 Len Smith.

I apologize if the above post comes off a little harsh but this thread was originally about who feels they have the best gym, and I dont appreciate random people trying to talk shit about my club and me. There are alot of ways to get your opinion across other then talking shit about the people who sweat and bleed for this sport.

JStew has danced the correct.

Len smith--dude no one said your not a good fighter... but you gotta admit, no offence to yourself, tran and hardeep singh-- gyms like revolution, tristar and team tompkins are on another level. You can maybe tell from the cards there fighters are fighting on...ufc, k1 and IFL arent bad you gotta admit :)

I think when ranking gyms its tough because their are so many variables. If you want top fighters who train at one gym then threirs one list of top three. If you want best instructors for ground/stand-up /transitioon their would be a different three. So it depends what you want and at what level you are at. A solid ground guy with no standup or mma might be best suited in different gyms then a great kickboxer with no ground and so on and so on.

Then take into account housing/jobs/cost of living/ access to fightcards etc and theirs even more variables. just because a gym has a big name doesnt mean your going to train with them daily. So ranking just top three gyms isn't reasonable unless you define under what criteria they are judged.

Each fighter at their own level could benefit from being in certain gyms more then others at different levels or in different situation.

its a tough call no matter how you rank them

Les Dickens

In BC lots of the top fighters are moving towards revolution...lots of come from other gyms (gibsons etc) but seem to have formed a great club and if i was closer to them i would probably train there as well....

so in BC my vote goes to revolution.

revolution is hands down the best gym in BC right now, it is pretty damn hard to argue against that.