Best Headgear with cage for the $$

I've been looking at fightgears headgear with face cage but its $70. I could afford it, but is there a better deal out there? I know somebody out there knows the dilly.

I'm gonna go with the truth, headgear and we'll be set.


The only ones I ever remember seeing are those at $70.00.

It is nice headgear.

I've seen some other more questionable ones...they have a removeable cage with velcro straps to secure them. I just cant imagine those being "secure" as they say, or even lasting that long.

I only want the cage because I'm dealing with high schoolers etc, I could care less if I get busted up...I got good insurance, besides the fact that it looks cool.

mine cost me 36.00 they're decent, you really can get cracked and not have to worry i'll have to find where i got them from its online so it shouldnt take long

found it