Best Heavy Bag??

A buddy gave me a century bag that has the water inside and I hate it.

It isn't big enough to kick really and when you punch it your hand kind of bounces back.

I want to get a nice heavy bag, good for kicks.

Can you give me some ideas of best sizes, brands etc.? Thanks!

also I am in l.a. if anyone wants this p.o.s. water bag. I think I will try to unload it on ebay, at least shipping will be cheap

In LA... go to the san fernando valley. no bags out there beat Pro Boxing, in Canoga Park.

that is perfect! thanks!

What i did was instead of using one shock cord I use 4. I have them attached to the floor in a square pattern(1 attached at each corner), and it stays in place even without a spotter. I have a 25lb and a 100lb bag that i anlternate using. Try 2lb wrist weights and a speed bag w\alternating jab\crosses.

tea bag

Everlast is an oldy but goody.


Def not this heavy bag


LOL, if only that fat bitch would let me punch her

I am going to check out Pro Boxing tomorrow, although I don't have any $ right now so it will do no good