Best high end gift for a Golfer?

Hey guys, I want to buy a gift for a close friend who is very successful and loves golfing. I know nothing about the sport. Obviously I could just go to a store and buy an expensive club. But I was looking for advise from someone who might have a better idea.

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Portable GPS Range Finder maybe?

Or expensive cigars for him while he's out. 

Gift card to a local pro shop where he plays. If he is that good, he probably already has quality equipment! Phone Post 3.0

Buy him a couple rounds at one of the better courses in your area.

Do not buy him a club. He'd want to pick one, get fitted, etc. Maybe get him a tee time at a quality course around. Or like someone else said, maybe some cigars for the course? Phone Post 3.0

Titleist pro v 1 golf balls. Phone Post 3.0




There was a picture here a while back of a golf cart converted into the batmobile. That's what I'd want Phone Post 3.0

Tiger Woods likes whores, get him one of those.

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Don't buy him clubs if he's any good he'll want to choose what he wants himself. A quality high end gift would be a new rangefinder (good players prefer these over gps), a couple rounds at a nice course in your area, or even a gift card to a local golf shop.

How much are you wanting to spend and in what area? Phone Post 3.0

The video caddie Phone Post 3.0

Rent the services of Caddy Girls for a couple rounds Phone Post 3.0

A round at St Andrews in Scotland.

A round at a high end course or a gift card to a local shop. He may already have a GPS or rangefinder and clubs are a very personal thing. Phone Post 3.0

Do NOT buy him kit unless you can get specific info from his wife or a golfing buddy that there is something specific he wants.

If that's no-go then get a few rounds at a swanky golf course.