Best hitters update!

so far this year looking at run production and hitting itself - here are your top 5 hitters in the AL and NL - minimum 209 plate appearances for the AL and 206 for the NL


1. A Rod

2. Miguel Tejada

3. Richie Sexson

4. David Ortiz

5. Mark Teixeira


1. Derek Lee

2. Bobby Abreu

3. Albert Pujols

4. Pat Burrell

5. Carlos Delgado


15. Cliff Floyd

im using a modified version of VORP

so the results i get may not be what that crap website comes up with

who is the top pirate and where does he rank?

gimme a sec

Rob Mackowiak is the best hitting pirate. and he 'ranks' 7th in the NL - but his total number of plate appearances are low, so that might have thrown his numbers off a bit

Daryle Ward has been the most productive/best given a minimum number of plate appearances though and he ranked 11th with a score just a bit better than cliff floyd

yeah i figured it'd be MAcko he should have been named player of the month for May but the low number of PA did hurt his cause.

glad to see Ward is so high. where is JAson Bay?

Jason Bay is ranked at 21 statistically similar to luis gonzo