Best home workout machine? Plz!

OK, so I've read about versa climbers, incline treadmills and some other options but I'm so confused... I'm hoping if I put my situation out there I can get some guidance.

I'm looking for a home machine. It's mainly for my wife and she wants something to keep her butt tight and her thighs thin. Ideally, it could provide a good cardio workout for me.

We're looking to keep it under 1k and ideally it wouldn't be too big.

PLEASE, any help or suggestions would be great!

Gym boss Timer

2 sets of Kettlebells (hisnhers)-Lifleine has good deals

Scrapper's Mod 1 (Shootfighters & bootstrappers will keep her tight)

Infinite Intesity or Never Gymless from Ross

A couple of Jumpstretch Bands

Now get to work!

Thanks Trainjump..

I have the KBs and my matted MMA room is great for me, I do Bas workouts and lots of heavy bag stuff in there but she's not into it.

She really wants some kind of treamill/climber/eliptical, etc... Machine that she can just plug away at for 30 mins or so a day and keep it tight.. Ideally, I could use it for some cardio... Any ideas?

I rcommend this machine.

Read a couple of reviews here:


Thanks Taku! Looks cool but a bit too complicated for wifey..

I think it is pretty simple. I have never actually used one but I trust Brian Johnston. If he says it is good it probably is.


Thanks guys, but this is mainly for a woman.. She wants a treadmill... I was curious if there was a better machine.

The best home workout machine is the one she will actually use.

Todd is correct,

I got my sister an Air-dyne and a Nordic Track. She ended up loving the Nordic Track and the Air-Dyne gathers dust.


maybe a Concept2 rower.

C2 rower. She won't use the Versa, it is too brutal.
It will tighten her ass up.

I absolutely love my Airdyne Bike and my wife loves the Stairmaster that we have in the garage.

I would HIGHLY recommend every grappler to get  and own an Airdyne machine. The circuits that you can do on that thing are amazing. And more often than not we all spend an enormous amount of time conditioning our legs (via running etc.,.) but we neglect the upper body. 

Two or three rounds of pummelling with Brandon Vera let me know very quickly that I need more work on the Airdyne. Sometimes I just do just upper body sprints. It's a great workout.