Best Hooligans?

So, which country can claim the best group of thugs? What about individual clubs, who can claim the toughest firm?

What are some key differences in different areas holiganism?

Supposedly, the Polish fans are going to "fuck shit up" in Germany.

I have to say my impression of Turkish fans over the years is that they are the worst...

I dunno, those guys that throw bananas at blacks are pretty good.

I've heard that Middle Eastern fans are more likely to go straight to the knifes, skipping the straight fistacuffs?

I've also heard about the polish fans, supposedly that's the new hotbed for sports based violence.

Here's a question, does cricket, rugby, any other third world sport have their own groups of hooligans?

I dont really care about the english ones I hate the fuckers they are bad for the sport and could get us kicked out of the world cup

English ones are the worst by far imo. No country has got a record of international hooliganism as bad as their's. Italians and Turks may bring it in their own countries for club games, but not as much on the international level.

Thats bull shit the european countries are worse why do you think the Dutch have netting around the pitches and the Italians fences. We just get the most press attention. Dont think i'm sticking up for those douche bags because im not they are idiots but the europeans are just as bad

Yeah that's at domestic matches between clubs. They don't cause any shit on the international scene.

I have heard that they're expecting carnage when Germany play Poland in June.

Aye, Poland is going to be a bad time. At least East Europe will be 'fair'. I'm worried about the huge Turk population in Germany, knives make people die, and quicker.

Discussing best hooligans is like discussing which country has the best paedophiles. Hoolis are like gangstas, they're wannabe tough guys with no life.

As for the English, they used to be the worst troublemakers, but things have gotten a lot better. But because of their rep, the English are the ones everyone wants to beat. Look at WC 1998, a lot of rioting consisted of local Arabs beating on whatever English they could find.

I think the trouble in Germany will stem from Germans and local Turks fighting police. Few nationalities manage to keep local hostilities on back burner the way the English do. Maybe you will see trouble from fractions of Poles, Serbs or Croats. If Serbs and Croats met up, that'd be some serious trouble.

"Discussing best hooligans is like discussing which country has the best paedophiles. Hoolis are like gangstas, they're wannabe tough guys with no life."

No way! Have you never seen Greenstreet or Football Factory, hooligans are shit cool people we should admire.

Lol Greenstreet was the biggest pile of dung ive seen for a long time. It was directed by a German woman who obviously had tin ears because how she was fooled by that mockney accent is a mystery to me. Not to mention the fact the guy was way too young to be leader of those dickheads. I should have expected as much though given the subject matter

McWilliams has righteously head butted the correct.

Guys who have money and fashion sense to share label preferences with old ladies are cool in my book.

I saw Football Factory, thought it was kinda boring. Needed more hooliganism, less that one dude contemplating his life.

Is Greenstreet the one with Elijah Wood? Don't know how seriously I could take him kicking someones head in.

doesn't argentina or other south american countries have some pretty serious hooligans? what about all the riots shown in "worlds most amazing videos" or "sports disasters"?

Yeah, I saw yours Big Pun.

Big Pun = banned?

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Here's a video site with hooligan related violence. Looks mostly english, with some eastern european and german thrown in.