best humidor

i know this thread has been done before but...whats the best kind of humidor to buy? and where is the best place to buy one?

Elie Bleu is you a balla, otherwise the best 1 is the biggest 1 you can afford that is built decently with a good humidifier. What's your budget?

Cheap, but a decent starter

nice. i wish i would have seen that before i bought my puny little no frills 50 count box....

Yep, buying small for the 1st box is the most common error you can make. Pass it off an someone and get a new box

yeah it wasn't even big enough for my first order from jr's and its hard to keep the humidity where i like it - but it did come with an ashtray..

im looking at $100-$200, just to start with

This 1 looks pretty sweet for 290 plus shipping

139.00 plus shipping but no way will it humidify 500.

90 plus shipping

if there's a sams around call and see if they have one of the 100 count humidors in stock. I got one for $20 and its been nothing but good.

I fucked up and got a 50 for my first box and it was full after about a month and a half.