best ID books

rooster, maks, etc.

Please tell me the best ID/creationism books that you know of. I'm looking for a list of 10-20 to read.


The Biotic Message-Walter Remine

Darwin's black box -Behee

The Human Body: An Intelligent Design (Softcover)
Alan L. Gillen, Frank J. Sherwin III, Alan C. Knowles
Describes the repeating physiological patterns in the eleven body systems and discusses their meaning.

There are a few suggestions.

I know that you can get some semi technical writings on AIG and here's a link to some:

For instance, sanguine cynic posted that Dawkins computer generated models proved evolution.

Dr. Royal Truman, an organic chemist challenges this pretty thoroughly at:

I don't admit to being able to read Dawkin and Truman and sufficiently argue and articulate for one side or the other, but there are very smart men on both sides of this argument that merit this debate.

several good authorities have disputed Dawkins' computer models.....they never impressed me much.

Thanks for the suggestions on books.

Sure. Are you saying those disputing dawkins never impressed you or dawkins model never did?

No one mentions Demsky?

lol at my ambiguity. I was saying that Dawkins never impressed me with his computer program models. Especially the Real waste of time.

Brilliant guy, though. But I honestly think his talent is surpassed only by his egotism and dogmatism. He just really strikes me as arrogant.

I still think he's made contributions. i still read him.

Mitch: what's a good book by Demsky?

To all: I always bug you guys about not reading enough scientific literature. I'm trying to take my own advice more seriously and read a good range of ID or creationist literature.

So...keep the recommendations coming.


I have never read any of his books but he's one of fathers of the movement.

Anthony Flew mentions physicists Gerard (Gerald?) Schroeder as deeply impactful to his conversion.

in case anyone else is interested; here's a reading list from the Discovery Institute: