Best ID theft protection service?

I was going to sign up for Costco's but I've been doing some reading and apparently they switched from using Identity Guard to a company called CSID.  The reviews for the CSID service are piss poor and a lot of people have reported that their credit scores dropped as soon as they signed up.  Some by as much as 100 points.   No thanks.

So, are there any good ones that don't cost an arm and a leg?  LifeLock seems to be the industry leader but they are $30/mo.   Unfortunately I can't afford that right now.  

What are some good options?


dhughes - The best bet is to just be smart about your digital transactions and passwords. Has something already happened?

Nope, but I recently threw out a bunch of old papers and then realized a lot of them were old pay stubs, bank statements, stuff with my social security number on them, and all kinds of stuff that could be used to steal my identity. 

I think you'll like this better...

Identity Guard will likely still give you the Costco price if you ask