Best in New England ?

Who would you guys rate as the best MMA coach in New England ?

I went down to Mass Submission before the holidays and watched Keith Rockel work with some of the Team Elite guys and thought he was an awesome coach ?

Who else is the best MMA coach(s) in New England ?

Kirik is too Smart not to be a great coach.

Have any UFC Fighters come out of NESF ?

Joe call me @978-828-2149-B

Please tell us more about NESF. Seriously, I'd like to know.

tons of great coaches in MA...can't go wrong with any of 'em

who do the lauzons train w/?

any school listed on has excellent instructors.

"who do the lauzons train w/?"

Joe Pomfret at Reality Self-Defense in Bridgewater, MA.

1.) Team Link BJJ c/o Marco Alvan Ludlow, MA

2.) Team Woo c/o Roger Woo and Ed Carr Hookset, NH

Joe Pomfret has to be considered one of the top coaches, as does Bill Mahoney & Scott Lockhart.

Just look at the performance of their teams over the past few years.

Mike Littlefield
Bobby Dias

What schools do Mahoney and Lockhart teach at?

(and yes, I ended my sentence with a preposition)

They're both instructors/owners of South Shore Sportfighting.

Thanks David - I should have known that !!

If you have a chance will you email me off line at


Sityodtong is tops. Boneyard, SSS, Team Agression, Link BJJ, Team Elite are all tremendous schools.


Thanks Kirik - but who are the key Coaches ??

There are so many damn good schools/gyms here in Mass it isn't funny.


who do the lauzons train w/?

Everyone listed on this thread.