best indy wrestler of 2012

is adam cole. He has been amazing in PWG. He is PWG champion.

heres some of his promos.

ROH TV Champ as well correct? Phone Post

He had the brutal busted lip right? Phone Post

yes and i dont know. I rather not talk about his roh status as they are using him horribly.

Callihan, Generico and Ricochet are definetly in the running.

Generico, but I am bias cause he is my favorite wrestler in the world right now.

I know Cole has had a great year, but i haven't seen enough of his work yet.

I'm reserving judgement until I finish the PWG and ROH dvds I've got, but I've been impressed with what I've seen so far Phone Post

Cole has had a really good year. He had a really good match with o'reily at best in the world, where his face was busted. The match that he won the tv from Roddy and him defending the belt against Eddie Edwards were both good matches. His performance at this years BOLA was great and him beating Steen for the pwg belt. Phone Post

Wow, a Chance Beckett reference?? Well played sir

heres highlights of cole winning the title and rest of the card. I heard this was card of the year.

independent tag team of the year has to go to Super Smash Brothers.

RKing85 - independent tag team of the year has to go to Super Smash Brothers.

I don't know man. Me and my 4 yr old are pretty pretty good. We beat the shit out of John cena and hulk hogan wrestling buddies. We go over almost every time we wrestle them. Don't know how to post videos but if u saw them u would vote for us. Phone Post