Best instructional you've seen?

What do you pick as the best youve seen?

Still, for me, Michael Jen's Ultimate Guard Passing DVD is the best instructional I've seen.

It offers a complete system (not just isolated movements) for passing the guard that is simple (only 3 main passes to remember) integrated, (the 3 combine together) and thoroughly deconstructed and explained (why and when you do what).

Runner's Up (not in any particular order, based only on what I've seen and wanted to watch over and over).

  • Jen's Ultimate Back Escapes
  • Jen's Ultimate Intermediate Closed Guard
  • Levo's Total Guard
  • Modeiras' Closed Guard
  • Sperry's Vale Tudo

Though not strictly instructional, I also really like:

  • Day Of the Zen
  • Jen's Dynamic BJJ
  • Bravo's The Twister
  • Rickson's Choke

Not that I know of. But that's probably one of the reasons he produces such good instructionals. Because he can't rely on 'big name' to sell his stuff, he has to go that extra mile in terms of teaching skill and quality of content.

As Viele said, a lot of champs just dump stuff on video nowadays without any thought to need or content. Good instructionals are an art all their own.

The best I've seen to this day are Mario Sperry's Master series. I've seen numerous instructionals that cover cool moves and progressions, but many times they dealt with situations/positions/reactions that I personally did not receive from my opponents. For example, I see a lot of instructionals showing moves if your opponent "does this to pass your guard, etc..", but what the opponent is doing in not typical and flawed fundamentally. With Sperry's series, he shows a move and a common reaction to it, then a follow up move you can go to. The difference is that when I went to class and tried the initial move, the reaction I got from my opponents was exactly what Sperry layed out in his instructionals.

Yes, forgot about Master Series. It was good as well. One gripe is they didn't show positional escapes.

Nathen Leverton's Guard tapes are outstanding! His Half Guard tape is good too!


This is kind of like asking what your favorite book or movie of all time is; my answer is probably not what is would have been a year ago, and if you ask me in a year from now, I might change my mind again. But for the present:

  • Thornton's Escape from Bottom video.

  • Kesting's Butterfly and X guard video.

Anything by Matt Thornton and SBG.

Also liked Marcello Garcia, Mario Sperry, Tony Cecchine and Leo Vieira.

Sperry's sets, then Saulo's set

Does anyone know anyone that is selling the Leverton gaurd instructionals?
You cant but them anywhere anymore.

  1. Rorion and Royce Grace Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Steet Defense Series

  2. Rodrigo Mederios Closed Guard Tape

  3. Rey Diogo De La Riva Guard Tape

  4. Tinguinha Spider Guard Series

  5. William Bittencourt De La Riva Series

  6. Marcelo Garcia No Gi Series

OK, that was more than one, sorry

Michael Jen's Ultimate Guard Passing DVD

Kesting's Kneebars video best eva in my opinion.

You should be able to get Nathan Leverton's tapes here:

Best single one I think is probably Rodney Kings Denmark seminar DVD - but that´s not bjj.... but it really is great :)

I´ll have to think a little for more answers...

Nathan Leverton's tapes seem to be out of print for the USA. Does anyone know if he is going to make more.

Roy Harris's Bjj101 and Armlocks.

My choice has got to be:

Oleg "The Russian Bear" Taktarov's Secret Techniques of Military Sambo!!

Just having some fun with ya'

I'd have to say,
-Rodrigo Mederios Closed/Open Guard Tapes
-Sperry Master Sets started this thread, but no top choice what gives??? Whats your all time top instructional?

Rorion and royces beginner and intermediate and street surviaval

Marcello Garcia

Working through the Saulo set right now.

Gene Lebell's Grappling Master


Terry Funk's Wrsetling my way