Best Intro Music

Everyone has their own opinion as far as whats the best music a fighter can come out to. Lets face it, everyone has different preferences on what they would want to come out to for a big show. Lets see if we can find the best songs to come out to, as well as come to a decision to which one is the best.


Im gonna something by The Petshop Boys or maybe REO Speedwagon.

sorry, but my intro music is the best. "karate" by tenacious d.

what about tupac's "ridaz". you only hear the first minute of the song ya know. good to build up a little extra adrenaline

Mine is the bestest eva!

Brainspiller by One Minute Silence

Saku's music is pretty awesome. That along with 30-90 thousand crazy Japanese make his entrances better then anyone's.

i love Saku's music, i dont even care for that type of music but there just something about it when combined with him walking down the ramp.

ttt the mario intro was pretty tight

what about some songs you hate...

Im gonna use Hewy Lewis and the News for my next intro.

jc what are you talkin about....

I my self have always liked Y.M.C.A.

Limp Bizkit "You´ll got knocked the fuck out! Cos your mouths writing cheques that your ass can´t cash!"

Bigkiller, Rich Clementi came out to a fight to that already. Eric, i dont know what im talking about, its normal for me.