Best Iron Maiden song

Runnin' Free Phone Post

moiststpierre - Fear of the dark live Phone Post 3.0

Whenever I hear the intro to Fear of the Dark, I picture myself hiking up a snowy mountain, on my way to slay some dragon in his keep. Awesome song.

My vote is probably for the Longest Day.

"Flight of Icarus".

dennis5 - "Flight of Icarus".

VTFU, my brother!!!

Owner of a Lonely Heart

that one, or Run to the Hills

Too fucking hard.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is in my top 3 fir sure, though.

But fuck. How do you pick a best with these guys? Phone Post 3.0

"But fuck. How do you pick a best with these guys?"

Damn right, damn it.

So to give a damn, I'll pick "Children of the Damned" with this damn post.

Dbl post please delete

Hallowed be thy name or Still Life off of piece of mind. Phone Post 3.0

Nitecrawler - The trooper Phone Post 3.0

This or maybe flight of icarus

Nitecrawler - The trooper Phone Post 3.0
This. Phone Post 3.0

Evil That Men Do is pretty damn good too.

DaddyO4 - Evil That Men Do is pretty damn good too.


Saw them in Florida in '11, they played that and the place went fucking nuts.

dennis5 - "Flight of Icarus".

Album version -- slower than the live one -- FTW!


  1. Trooper
    2. Iron Maiden Phone Post 3.0

Wasted Years Phone Post 3.0

2 is Powerslave.

Run to the Hills