Best JJ video?

what are the best jj training videos around? no-gi.

For No Gi, although I have not seen them, I have heard good things about:
1. Marcelo Garcia DVDs
2. Renzo No Gi Series (video)
3. Stephen Kesting's Umaplata Series
4. Stephen Kesting's Kneebar Series
5. Baret Yoshida Tapes

101 subs

Check out

This DVD has at least 45 minutes on no gi half guard, vale tudo, footlocks/escapes. Well worth it.

By God, anything produced by OTM can be declared The Best. I thought Ringworm was the best, then Dengue Fever, now I'm waiting on the "new best", 101 submissions...

Roy Harris BJJ 201.

Applies equally to gi & no-gi.  Best video on the market at this time, imo.

if you just want solid skills taught the correct way, that work on top level players then get anything sperry. Roy harris, renzos are good but not for a begginer. roylers book,gholars takedowns, and alot of mat time.

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jwtr1 perod carvahlos tapes art a solid beginers set as well.

Sperry !

Chris Brennan's.....

Anything by Michael Jen


how about a beginners-gi set? I'm getting close to blue, but I'd really like something with a good amount of the basics...


pedro carvahlo 1&2 for beginers gi.

Yes Pedro 1 is very good for beginners.

"Now, in full speed."

For beginners,

Roy Harris BJJ 101 Volumes 1 & 2 gives you ROCK SOLID information for all beginners, and is equally applicable to gi and no-gi.  You can spend a few years at least to perfect and explore everything in these 2 tapes, and they will give you a VERY well rounded positional game.  Once you have that, submissions are much, much easier.

Mike Jen's tapes are also very good.  The only thing about Mike's though, is that each tape focuses on one area, and goes very deep into chaining techniques and counters.  This allows you to learn the basic technique as a beginner, then go back later and further develop that same area of your game - giving a really good value overall for the cost of the tape; But you've got to get quite a few tapes to really develop a "complete" foundation.

Sperry's are good tapes - but not for the beginner.  He makes the assumption that his viewers can already escape any bad position, which means these are intermediate to advanced level, in my opinion.

Adam is totally correct. Fear him ;-)

no gi, garcia.

gi, depends on the area. for example, haven't seen a better mount tape than ralph's, but don't really like the rest. sperry's solid. harris/jen are good, but more for people who are detail oriented.

I hear nathan leverton's are great for beginners' guards. the reason being that it's sequential, so it gives you an entire gameplan to use.