Best Ju Jitsu Instructionals?

Needed the UG help on this one. What do you guys recommend for someone who has moderate knowledge of Ju Jitsu?

I currently have Tito's 7 disc set but he focus way more on wrestling than anything else. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, not really into books. I have read a lot and I dont seem to learn as much as compared to dvd/movies.

thanks in advance



Anybodies opinion would be greatly appreciated!

thanks milkednegress. i will get that one immediately.

I agree the Saulo and Cesar sets are great.

Also look into the straightblast gym material. Matt Thorton's Functional JKD set #2 has a ton of material on there that is very good. I think I got this in 2000, but I still watch it all the time.

Howard and Dr. Diggs, thank you guys very much. I really have to improve my jits game. I have a few books and tito's set and that is it. I need to learn how defend myself against bigger opponents from my back.

thanks again.

Cesar Gracie 1st series is my favorite set

Which is the best purely for developing a good guard?

My friend weighs about 60 pounds heavier than me so when we wrestle I usually end up on my back. ttt

Easier said than done. This guy is strong as an ox. Ex football and wrestler. I used to amature box and kill him on my feet. He cant take me down when we strike. However wrestling is different.

I know traingles and armbars, but I would like to watch some good instructional videos and develop great technique.

When you are 140 lbs and wrestling a 197 lbs guy, it not exactly easy to armbar and traingle. I have tapped him out 2 times but I just want to get better and be more consistent.

saulo's dvds are solid. i also like daniel moraes' dvd set because it focuses on defense.

has anyone seen Leo Vieira's dvds?

BJJ A-Z has TONS of material.

I have Leo Viera's set. Good, but more 'flashy' techniques, like cartweel's etc. All fine and its an alright set, but to learn good jiu-jitsu, you can't go past Saulo's set.

you should try allen mohlers instructionals this guy supposedly paid a ton of cash for his bb and made a huge series of tapes at a ridiculous price. i myself plan to show up at his school as a white belt in the next month or so when i head to dallas see what this dude really has lol