best judo gi?

What do you guys thinks is the most durable and highest quality judo GI for the money?


training or competition?

im sure a case could be made for a lot of brands. dax moskito make a really tough double weave, mizuno have a massive range.
essimo make a judo range as well that roger gracie uses, super thick as well.
it depends

 Mizuno are real nice, but my Toraki is awesome!

i just want something light and durable for training...

Ive been wearing my gameness comp GI, and ive lost like 10 lbs of water weight per training session.

that bitch gets hot!

Grapplin a little, Strikin a little, Pimpin Alot!

nothing really light makes for a good judo gi methinks.

A pink one.

 trainwreck, you buying all the stuff you keep making threads about or writting some sort of report. im just curious cause uve made so many thread recently about gear

if its just for training, then it doesnt matter how thick it is. u just want something durable. stop being a pussy about it being too heavy and hot for training.
a thick judo gi will last u years and save u money. it will be better for u in the long run as well