Best Judo takedowns for MMA???

Hi all! What judo takedowns should we focus on for MMA???
I'm thinking of Uchimata.....good idea? Any suggestion?

I do uchimata's in sub wrestling.

Judo doesn't work in MMA.


Tai otoshi is better for MMA than Uchi mata. While Uchi is one of the most beautiful throws in Judo, and it wins many Judo matches by ippon, it often causes Tori to over rotate Uke. You see this in Judo all the time. The guy wins the match but the players continue to roll and Uke (player being thrown) often winds up on top
. That being said, try using Uchi to set up Tai otoshi.

tigger, Do you use wrist control for the sode makikomi? both wrists? please explain.