best keg to put in beermeister....

now, before you all go nuts with beers i'll never be able to aquire....let me tell you this....i'm going to convert a fridge into a beer meister with a standard coversion kit(Sankey), so i cna't put anything really whacky in the thing....i've had a small 'specialty' keg of amber boch before(about 5 gallons), but i would like that to be my stadard there a keg beer out there that is a must have????

where do you live?

whatever you like man. Most of the stuff we talk about and review here can be had as a keg, depending on where you live and who you know.

MN....i'm a dark beer man can't beat a goo oatmeal stout.excpet the keg in question has to have american hookups, hence no guiness( the conversion kit for a guiness keg is pricey)or anything like that....amber bock is the only "dark" beer ive seen in a standard hookup keg.....i wonder if summit(made in MN) comes with the standard hookups??....Summit extra pale ale is sweeeeet

Pretty much any keg you get in the US will have a standard Sankey fitting. I say support your local craft brewery and go with the Summit stuff!

by CB&Pground standards this thread is on fire!!!!

haha - I would also check and see if Bell's is distributed in MN

bell??? a dark beer describe please....

Bells is a brewery. The have a lot of different stouts and seasonals that are fantastic

check them out

they have distributors in mn...i'm going to check out their product... stuff....