Best Left Hook?

Who has the best left hook(or lead hook) in MMA?

If you're feeling ambitious, you can choose one for each weightclass.

lil nog(lead hook)

not as powerful as daleys but far more technical.

Hendo.... In a Parralel universe. Phone Post

I'd say Manhoef or Overeem.

mdh2k10 -  paul daley

Yup Phone Post

Gotta be Daley.. Phone Post

James Toney





Carlos Condit

maybe not THE best but thats a damn good one. and i love that gif

LW - Stout
WW - Daley
MW - Vitor?
LHW - Rampage
HW - Cain

HW-dos santos Phone Post

Are we only talking orthodox/lead hand left hooks, because I always liked Jens' left hook.

Not too many great left hooks in MMA, buuuut...

Zentsov has a MEAN one at HW...and Rampage at LHW

Jens "lil evil" Pulver


P4P Pulver

I'm surprised no ones mentioned Manhoef, 

Manhoef #1

Daley #2

I cant even begin to count the number of left hand finishes in this video by Jens. A few of them he only uses the arm, no body movement. The first one in the vid comes as he is moving away.

if a blue would please... ty in adv

Roman Zentsov had a vicious left hook of death. Shogun KO'ed Chuck and Machida with his. Jens fought lefty iirc, his left was a cross.