Best lines from Crocop Story

"American Ninja was in cinemas, we were hyped on that."

"Just at that time came the Blood Sport with Van Damme. When I saw Van Damme, his looks, moves, I said, to hell with the athletics, I became completely crazy about that sport."

"SEX: - Necessarily evil, I ain't fan of it."

"I'd rather die than taste vegetables."

"I cried when I was watching Rambo when they put him in a jail, it wasn't cool, the man didn't do anything, so that drew a tear to my eye. The sheriff started it ...I would like to meet that sheriff which put Rambo in jail, he wouldn't be a thug then for a long."

Also the story about him going crazy and without food for 3 days while his beloved Pekingese was missing.

I like Mirko more after this movie, he seems like a pretty cool guy with a good sense of humor. And "Crocop is a dangerous man" just doesn't have the same weight to it until you see him in full kevlar gear and silenced HK.

Where did u see this???

I'm 43% downloaded!!

It's floating around the net. I think it was made for Croatian TV.


If you have bit torrent, go to and search for "cro cop".

If you need bit torrent go here:

CroCop better watch his ass. I knew a guy who badmouthed Denehy once.... ONCE.


I watched it but it didn't have subtitles. The Special Forces training was cool.

Yamato-DL a program called BSPlayer, and use that to watch it with to see the subtitles.

"SEX: - Necessarily evil, I ain't fan of it."




Yeah, some of the jokes are hard to recognize between the translation and the fact that Mirko says them all with a completely straight face.

Other highlights:

Mirko (hopefully) ending the debate once and for all about what blow injured Sakuraba: "After this came the heel kick to the eye, and I broke his orbital bone."

Little Mirko with his 80's hair breaking boards in the backyard with spinning jump kicks. doesn't work for the at the moment, could someone post the link to the torrent?

"Also the story about him going crazy and without food for 3 days while his beloved Pekingese was missing."

so did he find his dog or what?

yeah, supernova is down... link please... thanks

Cro Cop Story

Yeah, the dog turned up. "I'm standing on the balcony, about to faint from sorrow, and he's coming, approaching slowly.I didn't believe it, ran out, he was full of weeds, he was out somewhere with a lady."