Best looking dog in your opinion?

So I've been thinking about getting a dog, and I've been looking up intelligence levels hyper tendencies and things like that to go along with what I think to be a pretty dog.

I've just about settled on an Australian Shepherd.

They're just gorgeous highly intelligent dogs. I know someone who has a border collie/Aussie and it is the smartest dog I've ever been around. I can't wait to get one.

So, OG tell me I'm wrong and you know what the best looking dog is, because I'm open for ideas! Phone Post 3.0


Blue tick coonhound


I work with dogs so anything with a thick or long coat makes cringe. So I have to go with a boxer Phone Post 3.0

In for Evil Yoshidas uppity response

If you want a dog that doesn't bark... French Bulldog or Sharpei is a good start.

My Sharpei was awesome.. like a little old man.


Newfoundland Phone Post 3.0

Akita Phone Post 3.0

Beagle Phone Post 3.0

Brittany (Spaniel)

Little help pls Phone Post 3.0

I love the look of a rottweiller. Always have. It's like a more bad-assed doberman. Phone Post 3.0

your mom

Blue Heeler

I have a handsome shepard/grayhound type mutt, a cute but growing Cane Corso puppy, but I have always been partial to Doberman's. They are beautiful dogs and very loyal!! 

Chocolate lab
Husky Phone Post 3.0

tommyNOfilter - I've also got a aussie shep mix.
I lovr Catahoulas. Endemic to louisiana

VU, I've never seen anyone other than myself mention Catahoulas.

Here is my old Catahoula. This was about 16 years ago. He was a great dog, smart and had an actual sense of humor. He could play with 4 year old kids without hurting them, them a minute later knock a 300 pound man on his ass.

 photo 1_E26V.jpg

A black Malinois is pretty sharp, not a Gren