Best low kick ever?

Mo Smith, Hoost or Filho?

Out of that group I usually think of Hoost as the hardest low kicker.

There is top fighter in Thailand that kicks very very hard. There is a video out there of him just blasting his opponents over and over again until they can't take anymore. I don't remember his name though. I'm sure someone knows who I cam talking about...he is known for hard kicks.

youre prob referring to chanpeuk kaitsongrit. Hoost however uses the kicks in his arsenal more effectively. Changpeuk would eat too many punches while using these kicks

The best one ever was the one that Ruas threw that made Paul Varelans fall down. That made me laugh, and it still does.

If we're talking hardest I'd have to say either Kaitsongrit or Kaman. As far as who uses it the best, its without a doubt Hoost.

paco from streetfighter

Ramone Dekkers has a pretty mean low kick.

Rizzo has a bad ass low kick from what I have seen.I think Hoost has a nice one as well.

Rob Kaman


Paco is from Bloodsport. Fool.

  1. The one that Ruas threw that made Varlens fall down

  2. Maurice Smith blasting Tank's legs and making him turn his back and say I give up

Hoost is the most accurate, and the best low kicker. Mo in his prime is a close second. As for the hardest? Filho. No question. Ask anybody's who fought him. the guy demo'd a low on me with no torque and left a welt. Those are the heavies.

For any weight that isn't Thai, Kaman and Dekkers both tore people apart. One amazing thing about Kaman is that he beat Ignashov in his retirement fight, and the guy was like a zillion years old and giving up at least 30 lbs. He also knocked out Hoost when they were the same weight. Same Hoost that beat Aerts and Smith.

Honestly, if you're watching the non heavies, middleweights, etc., etc., the scariest I've ever seen was Dekkers, and every big name fighter or trainer I ever met said the same. I've never really seen a Thai that really looked like they gave a shit about low kicks. Something about those guys; they pretty much all have scary, accurate, powerful low kicks but none of them seem to care about using them or taking them. (I don't even remember if they're scored) Dekkers would fight against Thais and bother them with low kicks. (Just like Hoost did against Changpeuk) It was amazing to watch, and the shitty part was a lot of the time he'd still lose the JD when the ther guy was hobbling around in the 4th and 5th round, cause Thai judges don't care about low kicks like we do.

It's really a question of weight.