Best martial arts/ fighter biography bok.

Its for a X-mas gift for a rising student/friend...

so what are the best biographys/ reallife books about fighting you have read? 

Frank shamrock and mark hunt have some amazing stories about coming up. Have big daddy's but haven't got a chance to read it yet. 

Pat Militech had a book a long time ago. Super Awesome!

I also really liked "Inside the Lions Den" by Ken Shamrock. Really cool story about the OG MMA team and how it came about.

  Forrest Griffins first book was super funny. Not entirely educational, but it’s a fun easy read. B.J. Penn’s Book was cool if you want to hear about the history of B.J. getting into MMA. 

The tattoo, by chris McKinney 


It's not a memoir or biography, and very simply written, but it offered tremendous insight into Hawaiian culture (really any lower class culture) and how bushido is an integral part of life.

Jens pulvers books

I really enjoyed Justin Wrens Fight for the Forgotten