Best Materials For Learning Judo Principles?

What are the best materials(books/dvds/websites) to learn judo concepts and principles, not straight techniques?

Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano or " the Canon of Judo" by Kyuzo Mifune are great books regarding judo concepts and principles.

Mike Swain's videos are excellent.

Judo Masterclass technique books- my #1, 12 books in all.

Huizinga total judo DVD
Udo Quellmatz DVD

I'd say you should join a judo club. Judo is nearly impossible convey via videos, you need to train it and feel the pressure.


Are all the Judo Masterclass technique books in print still. They always seem out of stock and get eaten up on E-bay also.

I see them for sale on 4 are not available. Has them all for sale.

14 books in all. I have all of them but can't find Pickups. I have extra copies of Osaekomi, Ashiwaza, Grips, Ashiwaza 11.

Really. I have the pick up book I am pretty sure let me look. I could let that go. I am interested in the ashi-waza series.

I agree about joining a dojo. That said, I like watching IJF judo and experimenting with techniques that I see. As for instructionals, best one for me was either Jeon or Inoue, both by Fighting Films.

I also have the Jeon(VHS) and Inoue(DVD)sets. Jeon uses a lot of grip fighting and Inoue is just in a class by himself. I still like better. Jeon has excellent seionage variations.

Best 2 throwers I have watch in judo are Jeon and Inoue.

I still like better.

Huizinga total judo DVD
Udo Quellmatz DVD

for general books, i'd say best judo (sato), fighting judo or attacking judo (kashiwazaki) and the vital judo (okano).

all the masterclass books are excellent on specific topics. while they teach you techniques, you learn the why's.