Best minimal shoe - suggest one or experiences

hey brothers and sisters. I'm looking to get a new pair of minimal shoes. I currently have the New Balance Mimus' zeros and was looking at possibly getting their trail running shoe to use for both trails and the road/boardwalk. I heard a lot of great things about the INOV8s and some others as well. Wanted to get peoples' opinions and some experiences - if a specific shoe doesn't last too long or what have ya!

much love in advance!

Steven Alan x Nike Sportswear Collection

My Nike Frees last me about 350km before my knees and shins get angry. I've replaced them each time around that KM and it makes a world of difference.

I have a pair of Vibrams that I don't always use, but when I do they are awesome. Especially getting my feet in Muay Thai shape. Phone Post 3.0

ive been using the same pair of new balance minimus for what seems like forever

I have an old pair of new balance minims walking shoes (no longer being made) that are PERFECT. I have a few pairs of vibrims, the Trek is the best BUT they are funny looking. i have the new balance trail running shoes and they are good but not as minimal as I would like, I trail run in the Trek. I also own a pair of Inov-8. Cant' remember which model, I did a ton of trail running and they were great, the shoe wore out but i would recomend them. Nike Free is NOT a true minimal shoe, I would not recommend them.

Love my Nike Hyperfeels. Phone Post 3.0

I have the New Balance Minimus (the first model that came out). They're not bad for short runs, but when I was up in mileage, I still went back to your "standard" running shoes with cushioning. I guess I still need to work on my running style and gait.

But those shoes smell bad after awhile if you go without socks; you can at least throw them in the washing machine and they're clean again, however.

I hate to admit it, but when I'm at the gym, the best shoes that I've used are an old pair of Chucks.

Chucks ftw. Phone Post 3.0

Check out reeboks terrain series Phone Post 3.0

Unfortunately there's no way I can support a company like Nike (I know all the mainstreams will be pretty bad but Nike is a no-no for my household - hipster THUG LIFE).

Thanks for all the replies guys - I will check them all out.

For those that that had the NB minimus (Zeros?) did you do fine on the road/trail as well?

@Ghidorah - what made your MT (men's trails NBs) not "minimal enough"? Just curious because I cannot see myself running in the MRs (Men's Roads) because they seem too not minimal.

Also, as far as Chucks - yes...or shoeLESS

lol @ nike free being a minimal shoe.

lol @ nike anything.

lol @ all you sheep buying into the nike sweatshop kool aid.

Merrell road gloves every day if the week son. Phone Post 3.0

Another vote for NB Minimus (for running less than 5 miles and lifting) but Merrel, Altra and Newtons also make good minimal shoes.

Not sure if Saucony Virratas and Kinvaras qualify as minimal shoes anymore, but I friggin love them for running longer distances. The Virratas have zero heel-toe drop.

^ NB MT00 Minimus btw. I played soccer in these one time.

Tom Lawlor - Chucks ftw. Phone Post 3.0
Yep! Phone Post 3.0

New Balance Minimus...

Altra zero drop are good seem to be more for a wider footed person but comfortable none the less

Just picked up a pair Innov-8 I really like them fit me perfect , good for running and lifting

I have several pair of new balance minimus , while I like them they seem to be the least durable out of all the shoes Phone Post 3.0

Saucony Kinvara. I've had the same pair for at least 500 miles and ran a half marathon in them last month. It's the perfect shoe for me (I have narrow feet though).

Thanks guys. Never tried Merrels or even paid any attention to them. I think I'm going to visit JackRabbit running store and try some one or see what they suggest based on my foot going-ons - a bit flat footed on the right side)