Best MMA book?

I'm looking to pick up one of the MMA "evolution" type books.... I thought there was only one, "No Holds Barred: Evolution", but then I see there are a few more on Amazon.... "BRAWL" and one that looks made by the UFC... they all got great reviews.

Which is the one to get? Thanks guys.

Brawl is decent, but if your familiar with Most of the early UFCs then you know most of what is in it.

I liked the Gracie way. I'm not a huge Gracie fan but reading about the older generations of Gracies was really interesting.

The Gracie Way was very good. Alot of old pictures and cool stories. High quality book, Im not a huge Gracie fan but the book is topnotch.

Like them or not The Gracie Way is a good book to get.



Jens Pulver - LiL Evil

Anybody read the UFC "Warriors" book?

ttt for answers on the warrior book..


"Lil Evil" is by far the best one I have read!

"Warriors of the Ultimate Fighting Championship" its listed as in Amazon.

Little Evil is one of the most incredible books you'll ever read. Must have of the must haves!

Lil' Evil gets my vote as well

OK so it's definitely a no go on the Lil Evil Book. What are some good ones though?

Another vote for Little Evil

Anyone else out there read "Brawl"?

Ian Freeman's book "Cage Fighter" is a really good read.


Brawl is good. So is Evolution. So is the Gracie Way. Warriors of the UFC is very good. In fact they are all really good.