Best MMA game for PS2?

Ok, i got a ps2 for Christmas this year and picked up a few games in the sales for it. Probably the one ive been playing most is UFC: sudden impact, which i like. So are there any other MMA games out and about at the moment, and are any of them better than sudden impact??

Pride-not even close


That total BS, Sudden Impact sucks, it has some cool camera work once in blue moon and fence fighting positions, but other than that it's horrible.

Pride is the best to date, hopefully it wasn't the last game.

Well i saw a pride game on sale at HMV the other day, but looking at the back the graphics look poor compared to UFC, is the gameplay really that much better? If so ill get it, i just want to make sure there isnt more than 1 pride game out there and im heading out to buy the old one. :)

I would definitely take Pride over the UFC: Sudden Impact.

They should both be around $20 bucks now anyway, just grab both.

i repeat


Westcoastbadass works for Crave

biggest advantage for Pride is that all fighters fight like their real counterparts and they all fight differently. You get different fights and have to used different strategy.

I mean if you play with Vovchanchyn against Fujita, you better be ready for a lot of sprawling, cause he'll try to take you down again and again. Play against Goodridge, get ready to bang or take him down. Play against Renzo, and keep it standing cause his punches are very weak.


In UFC everyone fights the same = boring.

LOL at Crave fanboy.

Thanks for the responses. Ill head back down HMV tomorrow and pick up pride, last time i checked it was only £8 so it wont be losing much even if it is shit. Cheers!

I know it's not MMA, but K1 is a very good game.