best mma ground fighter

I think sakuraba/or minotouro

mino on his on top

Best 185 lb submission artist: Sakuraba
Heavyweight : Minotouro

Hughes doesn't strike me as a submission artist, most like a gnp artist with good wrestling control.

a good ground and pounder is too much for even the best submission artists...mino/fedor


Horn "enuff said"

Arona, Sperry, Mino, Yamamoto, Saku and Hughes are all great.

Though I agree with the names listed it amazes me that Busta's name is not one of the first listed.

the best defensive ground fighters are

jeremy horn
murrilo bustamante
allan goes


Ninja- the man isnt the best bbj player but he hurts the oppenent every he gets


best offensive

Bustamante is underrated here methinks.

Mino is about 5-1 vs GnP fighters with his only loss by decision.
To call Fedor a better groundfighter Id wanna see him face a guy like Coleman first.Takedowns helps you get on top, which for most people is an advantage.Withj Fedor on bottom vs Coleman or Erikson I think he'd get maimed.Though It's only a guess.

My vote goes to Newton.

i think fedor beats everyone unless you can get coleman back with improved cardio and boxing.

205/185 - saku, busta, arona

170 - newton, hughes

155 - hard to tell right now

155 Penn.When he IS 155 anyways.He was all over Gomi.And had Unos back alot.Although he refused to face serra on the ground....

Sakuraba, he can fight on top AND on his back. also, it's interesting ppl mentioned Newton yet no sign of Sakuraba, considering Sakuraba completely tooled with Newton and became the only one to submit him in MMA.

Sakuraba, Minotauro, Newton


Royce Gracie, 3x UFC Champion, all by submission!!! Nuff said!!!