best mma mag?

im sure this has been brought up before but...
Who has the best mma mag out there? I was in B and N this weekend and i had 4 to pick from. I ended up getting "Real Fighter". I like it a lot but for $5 it seems like it needs a few more pages. I would like to get a subscription to one. What do y'all like the best?

I like grappling magazine but I'm not sure if that counts.

FC Fighter is the best. If you consider that a mag.


I learned the hard way.

NEVER buy a subscription.

Real Fighter is the best, for me. Its a little thin, but compare that with other magazines that are over half advertisements.

Grappling is kind of lame. It was alright back when they showcased fighters like MayheM, but now its God-awful. I went to Barnes & Noble and Tim Sylvia was on the cover...of Grappling magazine.

Bodyguard used to be great, but after it changed to Tapout, it turned into one of the worst magazines I've ever read.

Here's my top 5 fighting mags (I haven't read FCF):

1.Real Fighter

2.Black Belt (they cover some MMA now)

3.Inside Kung Fu (they cover muay Thai and sanda)



Fighters Only


Im a little biased, but check out what we have coming your way!

Ultimate Grappling Magazine Presents... Elite Fighter - Written by
Ultimate Grappling Magazine

Need a little more MMA to get you through the day? If so, you're in
luck. In this special issue from the editors of Ultimate Grappling
magazine, you're going to get an extra power-packed dose of mixed
martial arts. Check out some of the stories that are coming at ya.

  • We have gone to every corner of the globe to evaluate and rank
    the toughest MMA fighters on the planet. You'll get a breakdown by
    division and an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • To get ahead of the competition, you won't believe what some
    MMA fighters are doing and where they are going to do it.

  • We've got an interview with one of the biggest movers and
    shakers in MMA history.

  • For those of you looking for the next Randy Couture, we've got a
    feature on the baddest up-and-coming fighters.

  • And what's MMA without ring girls? In a special mouth-watering
    section, look for the hottest girls from Hawaii, California and the East

Elite Fighter is a must for the competitor, hardcore fan and casual fan.

Look for it on the newsstands on October 24.


As someone mentioned "Realfighter"

A UK mag, "Combat"


I would still say grappling magazine is the top of the heap. It's come along leaps and bounds since it's first issues. Next, I would have to agree with Tbidness on FC Fighter, if that does count.

grappling mag is my favorite!

Real Fighter does have the most sleek layouts though, too bad it's a little sleek on page count.

"Real Fighter does have the most sleek layouts though, too bad it's a
little sleek on page count."

Everyone has to make fun of the skinny kid. huh? I hear you guys, but I
have to point out that Real Fighter is about 20-25% ads, while most
magazines are between 45-62% advertisements. And of course I think
our content is the most potent, but, like Victory Jay, I am biased.

No big diss to Real Fighter, I just skimmed through it on a newstand for the first time recently so I don't have a good base to judge it on anything other than an initial superficial observation. Beauty of a mag though.

Fighter's Only

Thanks for the info. Im leaning tward real fighter at this point. The Franklin article hits a home run for me. mcquaid any chance of getting up to 12 issues per year?

mcquaid, any chance of getting up to 12 mags per year?

After reading this for weeks I couldn't help but give my point of view.
As the publisher of Tapout Magazine we haven't changed one bit since changing the name. Covering events is useless and most timely stories aren't timely and can be done quicker and better on these sites, but everyone likes to see the results and fighters like to see their name in lights and it is our way of giving back. Tapout is 116 pages and growing again and it is a tutorial magazine not a lifestyle mag. We ask our first class writers to teach you something. We are told by some of the elite MMA stars themselves how they use the lesson pages to teach their students. We are now focusing more on lifestyle features and MMA ring girls.

Real Fighter is a class magazine but they to will see how hard it is to run a magazine and be successful in this industry. The reason for so little ads in Real Fighter is the cost and this industry won't as of yet support it. I wish them continued success.
TapouT Mag averages 10 new subs per day and have a ton of ads which enables us to give back.
We are here now 2 years and will be here forever. We will continue to improve each issue and give back to those who have supported us. Thanks for reading

real fighter  and tapout are decent i like Gracie magazine too

Brightmma, that is the plan.

Thanks for the good words, BGPublisher. Regardless of the Real Fighter
business plan, my point remains that the reader still gets an impressive
editorial package from RF, and is not getting short-changed by us. I am
glad to hear of TapouT Mag's success. It bodes well for
everyone in the sport.