Best MMA Magazine?

I'm going to suscribe to 1 or 2 mags. I use to suscribe to FC FIghter about 8 or 9 yrs ago. WHat are the best mags now?

Of the new lot, I really like Fight!

ultimate grappling and realfighter

fight and ultimate grappling are my go-to mags right meow

Fight! Easily

Does Fight! have a website?

Im not sure about 'Just' MMA specifically, but Gracie Mag just pisses on everything else out there overall.... its not even close

Real Fighter ( and Fight! are the best by a mile.

has to be FIGHT! least the photography blows all the
others away:)

Gladiator Magazine has very good coverage. Not totally sold out to MMA. They still cover the Grappling circuits as well.

FightSport is the best looking and has coverage from all over the world, unlike the other magazines.


Fight! is by farthe best. RealFighter and Ultimate Grappling are both good too.

Other than the ad to article ratio, Tapout is good too.

Fight! hands down.

It's the Sports Illustrated of MMA Mags.


the bulk of these mags are the exact same thing except different covers!! I buy every mag I see, just bought Fight(St. Pierre on the cover), Real fighter(Hendo) and Fightsport(St. Pierre) and have all the other new issues(tapout, grappling etc...) most every month the same person will be on at least 2 or 3 different covers and say the same shit in all of them!! And all of the mags are filled with adds esp. grappling!! With all that being said I still buy everyone every month, haha I suck!!

I like the subscription still pretty cheap.. also like Real Fighter and Gladiator as well... Tapout is not bad

Has Gladiator been out for a while? I normally get most of the mags, but this month is the first time I have ever seen a Gladiator magazine.

Fight !

yes Gladiator has been out for a while!