Best MMA match Live

What's the best match or event you saw in person? I saw Lawler/Riley at UFC 37 and felt like the fight gods had smiled upon me. Bustamante fight in the main event was pretty damm good too!

I saw Vladimir Matyushenko vs Tiger White live in Montreal in the IFC a few years ago. That was a great fight. White gave Vladdy his first loss that night, but it was a very close decision. Vladdy decided to stand and trade with Vernon.

Peter P

Marcus Davis vs. Thiago Alves @ Hardcore Fighting 2 in Revere, MA. A three-round stand-up bloodbath that went to a split decision for Thiago. After every round, we were hoping that there would be more.

How do you think MMA as a live spectator sport compares to others? Obviously you miss alot when things go to the ground but if it's a good fight I always look forward to buying the video or PPV replay.

Yoshida vs Wanderlei. The crowd was just electric.

Yeah I need to pick up some of his other fights on DVD.

Bas/Randleman was pretty electric, and I remember the decision being really hotly contested amongst fans at ringside, too.

UFC 43 had a lot of amazing matches to watch live:

The Return Of The PHENOM

Yves destroying Eddie Ruiz

Tank proving he can't compete in today's MMA... again

Vernon VS Freeman was a lot better live than on tape... amazing match live.

Pedro proving he still had firepower and even some new ground and pound.

And to top it all off, Randy "Captian America" Couture destroying Zuffa's new posterboy, shocking the fans in attendance and causing a cheer of "RANDY RANDY RANDY" to erupt from the crowd.


Bobish v. Pele in KOTC Whatever.

Riley Garrett is on the list.

I watched the Janitor beat the shit out of Tiger Williams from spitting distance.

The ref judges, who were as close as I was, obviously saw another fight: "Let's get a Vlady v Tiger III by pretending that Tiger fought back."

Sean Pierson vs. Steve Vigneault was freakin awesome to
watch in person.

Karl I thought it was a very close fight that could have went either way. Vernaon landed a big head kick that rocked Vladdy.

I do agree that Vladdy should have got the decision eventhough at the time I was cheering for Tiger and and was pumped that he won.

Vladdy stood toe to toe with White and got the best of most exchanges.

Peter P

Baroni v. Lindland 2 was a lot of fun to watch live - the crowd was really worked up

Couture v. Randleman was exciting & surprising to watch

Worst ever: Severn v. Stano

Renzo/Sak, the first part of Enson/Igor, Silva/Mezger, Yvel/Goodridge, Semenov/Almeida, Barnett/Couture

Tank/Mir 1