Best MMA quote of the year

Joachim Hansen after knocking out Luiz Azeredo at Pride Bushido 10:

"He thinks he's crazy, I'll show him crazy."

I'm officially on the "Hell Boy" Bandwagon.


Hansen is a bad motherfucker.

ttt for Hell Boy


i don't even have time for a country breakfast

TTT for Hellboy

"Quentin! I needed your help out there...Silva, and little ass Ninja"

LOL also at Hughes' country breakfast line

Been a fan since his Shooto beatdowns.

Charles Bennet - "I like that Brazillian guy, that guy Vanderlay Silver, but he little buddy is gonna try to come up to me and say "You're next". Im like "Bitch! GET YOUR OWN STUDIO TIME, CAUSE RIGHT NOW YOURE IN MINE"

Hansen is a wicked man.

That British dude probably wins for most repeated times of the same quote.

I think it was last year's but Herring's def takes the cake.

Best MMA quote of the year from Brandon Vera:

kick to the head, knee to the face, call it a day, gimme my cheque!

"god69 - i don't even have time for a country breakfast"


"I'm gonna smash your little head!" Ken to Tito.

Dana's rant on the last episode of TUF gets my vote:

"I'm not a dickhead. If his mom was sick; if his dad was sick; if his grandparents; his aunt; his uncle; his wife; his kids ? if something was wrong with them, by all means we'd let him make a phone call"

"His girlfriend of six months is upset that he might be cheating on her ? heh heh ? I don't give a fuck".

Mauro Ranallo: "He has improved exponentially, has James Thompson"
Frank Trigg: "That, and he's gotten a lot better too."
Mauro Ranallo: (chuckling) "Excuse me, yeah, you're right. Sorry if I used an... odd, polysyllabic word there, Trigg."

yaknow, when i heard trigg dooing that repeatedly, i thought it was haha jokes.

im not so sure anymore.

Best commentating quote eva:

"Is that one of Heath's nuts hanging out?"

  • Rampage, of course.

" your feet are like icicles"

vito to hot cakes

this year?