Best Mobo/CPU around 400 bucks

Whats the best Mobo and CPU to get for around 400 bucks?

new athlon 64's on a socket 959 motherboard are keen. I'd wait for the new nForce4 chipset to come out though. Shouldn't be long.

This is what I am thinking... Here

And Im going to get a new case, and a good fan.

joe, that's a good setup...go with it. what type of mobo /cpu did you have before? The only reason I ask because you may need to buy ram as well unless you can use the ram on your new setup(which will most likely require pc3200[ddr400] as a minimum)

Soyo KT400 with a Barton 2500

I have 1.5 gigs of PC3200 right now. So it shouldnt be a problem.

you're good to go then. One thing about amd 64bit cpu's is that you won't get 100% of their potential until the 64bit Operating System comes out but it's still the best out there atm.

Gabora, thats what I want. I know I cant take full advantage of it quite yet, but it wont be too long before I can. The soyo board I have now is pretty good... but can be a bitch at times.