Best MOS for green to gold (enlist to officer)

I have a bachelors degree. I'm going to enlist in the army, and try to become an officer once I'm in. I've considered ocs, i decided against it

What I heard was enlisted become officers only if there is a position open. Question is what MOS should I choose to increase my chances?

Anything else you guys can share will be appreciated Phone Post

I had this long long past with a ton of info all types up, then the app crashed. So....

Ocs requires you to make a wishlist. Job isn't set in stone.

Gtg let's you stay your original mos as an officer.

Gtg or enlisted that go ocs always got more immediate respect because they knew how shit worked.

And to answer your question, it doesn't matter what job you choose. As long as its a job you like.

Real men choose INFANTRY. Just throwing that out there;) Phone Post

Btw, with ocs, you will get pretty good pay.

With gtg, you will be an e4 with ehhh ok pay. Phone Post

Real men choose infantry, real smart men choose 68w and babysit infantry.....

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Btw, with ocs, you will get pretty good pay.

With gtg, you will be an e4 with ehhh ok pay. Phone Post

Thanks Virus. I'm glad you showed up, and dropped some knowledge. I've heard the same thing about enlisted getting more respect.

If you have time, can you share your longer post? I hate when the app crashes too. It totally sucks losing a great post.

Thanks again Virus

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Well, first of all i guess why did u decide against getting a commission since u already have a bachelor's degree?


I think maybe the person who might be able to answer you question the best is a member named


I believe he was an Army recruiter.

Good luck. Phone Post

Thanks for your input.

If you want, PM me and I actually call you. I should still have some green to gold packets that I had started myself. I'll try to see if I can email them to you. Phone Post

My battle buddy when I was at Carson went g2g as a 19d and loved it. I never did since I liked working for a living. Phone Post 3.0

I've seen some mustangs in the Marines.. They looked much older than the other officers because of the time they spent as enlisted. I say go straight to become an officer , you'll have more time to move up in rank through out your career. Phone Post 3.0

Transprotation is a good place. Lots of room to move up as long as you know your sh!t