Best motivational documentary/series,etc. for new wrestlers to watch

Just took over a high school team that has been all but non existent for 30 plus years. Trying not to push the kids too hard and scare them off , trying to get the hooked on the self satisfaction and fulfillment this sport offers. I want them to watch something that can convey these things to them. Any ideas? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving…


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Anything Gable….

Beyond the Mat


Obviously, the best wrestling documentary ever is Vision Quest, which follows a young Matthew Modine’s junior season before he hit it big in Hollywood. is a good one for YOU to watch. I think it was on Netflix.

For the kids, the newer brands brothers doc was really cool.



You mean you have to convince them to spend all day after school injuring themselves and rolling around in sweat with other boys, to be prepared to do it all weekend? But it’ll build a base for a sport that’ll give them brain damage and pay them 4k/4k it they make it to the big show?

That shit don’t sell itself?

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Was the documentary that chronicled an Iowa season worth watching?

Vision Quest

Karelin highlight footage should be all that is needed.

If that doesn’t motivate, nothing will lol.

The Streak - ESPN documentary about the Brandon FL high school team.