Best moves of '03 Mundials review

Bjj tapes has done it again. Or should I say has out-done themselves again. The "Best moves of Mundial 2003" has taken competition, and Martial Arts videos in general to another level. From the moment the introduction rolls, you can tell this is going to be an extraordinary DVD.

The DVD is divided into 3 parts; Best Sweeps, Best Submission, and Best Takedowns. There's also nice interlude in between the segments (more on that later).

The DVD is a must have because it works on many levels. For the competition fan, it shows incredible techs. For the BJJ practitioner, it shows the moves that are effective in competition (both the simple/basic moves we have learnt from the time we were white belts, as well as some more advanced techniques). It also shows how the best in the world set up those techniques.

One of the lasting impressions I got from what the DVD was that most of the moves used in competition are the basic moves we've learnt over and over again, and the frequency with which they are used by all the competitors. You see the same moves used successfully over and over again. It really sheds light on you should be practicing, what's important to your game, and what is important to a winning strategy. Even though it's said over and over by your instructor's, the proof is in the pudding, and you see exactly what your instructor's have told you time and time again. The basics are what's important and what works in competition. Not the crazy, flashy stuff that we like to play around with because we are tired of training the same "sit-up" or "L" sweep.

Now about the "special treat" in-between segments. They have added a new feature, the "BJJ TAPES GIRL" (ala gracie girl). A hot little brazilian babe in various states of undress (no nudity for those under 18) I hope this feature continues throughout all their productions. Always great to see a hottie mixed in with martial arts (or anywhere for that matter).

The latest in their ever expanding line is without a doubt their best production. It seems that with each offering, the product gets better and better. There seems no end in sight. No other tape on the market can match the product of BJJ tapes. The material presented on tapes in very important, but for me, the look of the DVD is just as important. There is nothing worse than looking at shitty video quality.

I have it on good authority that over the course of the next 6 months, they'll be putting out a ton of new stuff. I'm saving my money already. Future titles are going to be the rest of the Margarita set. Pe De Pano, Ronaldo 'Jacare' Sousa, Bilbano, Fetosa, Comprido, [possibly] Leozino, and a few others I forgot.

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Bill Lewis may sue if he did that! lol

good review sreiter, i think i will buy this video that you speak of. on a side note, jacare said he will be filming very soon for the set.

TTT for bjjtapes


I agree with you sreiter, Best moves of mundials 03 is awsome, and yes, Bruna (the little bjjtapes girl) is awsome.

Only problem is that they dont keep the names of the competitors on the screen long enough, but thats nothing a fast rewind and a little more paying attention wont fix. Awsome dvd, im definatly gonna buy from bjjtapes again!

rare -

yea, i thought that too. i paused to catch the names - thing is that the techs happen so fast, I keep going back over the moves multiple times anyway, so you catch the names eventually is taking it to another level. Can't wait for those other new instructionals. Any idea if they will be gi or no gi?

Sreiter, any idea when the rest of the margarida set comming out?

what about the others, like pe de pano or renoldo jacare souza?

the margarida set is being finished now, so it will be out very soon. the rest are supposed to come out be the summer

Copied from the Jacare thread:

Jacare was awesome! I watched every match that he did, plus Braulio's. Those guys BJJ is inspiring! rocks! I was disappointed with the instruction on the Margarida dvd, the production however was top notch. I am looking forward to the rest of the series though.

The Best moves of the Mundials 2003 is another great tape. I am on this DVD! I am in the takedown part of the DVD going against Anderson Oliveria of BTT! It made me miss Brazil like crazy!, and lead the way for top DVDs!

Steve, great seeing you again and good job at the Pan Ams! It was the best Pan Ams yet.


Alvis -

great seeing you too -

Funny, when i was talking to you and your wife(?), i was laughing to myself thinking about how i was so high on pain killers last year, i thought you were someone else - LOL

how much are the tapes?

i paid 25 @ the pan ams for the mundial tape - diff prices diff tapes - go to

sreiter-how long is it? are there repeat fights from the world championships 2003 dvd (finals matches like maybe the terrere v. garica fight?)? how much footage of terrere, jacare, and garcia? how does it compare to that last dvd, best fights / best moves (i think it is the brazilian nationals event and i heard that event wasnt that good). Multiple camera angles like in the World Championships 2003 dvd?

Hi could some one tell me please in it covers sweeps from marcelo garcia? And submissions from him also I have seen very few of his matches with the gi but some people said he is phenomenal he choked on 2002 Sapao and Castelo Branco.

Dont really remember seeing any of marcelo's sweeps from his dvd set, but he does have a few sick ones where he basicly just sits up with the guys leg and pushes him back.

Mexican fan - There are least two M. Garcia sweeps (one against the Cafe in the absolute) and one or two submissions (armbar)

fries -

i dont know that exact run time - but it's btwn 1 and 1.5 hours

there are a a few of each techs (sweeps, takedowns, and subs) from each fighter you mention

i cant say 100% there are matchs here that are on the whole mundial 2003 dvd, but i what guess yes. you dont get the whole fight here - just the setup and the tech