Best movie without game has to be

... Starship Troopers

They've had that "Citizen Kane" GTA-clone in production for years now. Shit or get off the pot!

Err it has a game.I played it. It was fun.

What game?

wow, I had no idea

ok... a good game =)

Ay that's the one. It was a fun game. At least to me. Thou I really wish they got rid of the stupid flyer suicide. Flying bugs did damage to you which in understandable, but if they catch you while you doing a jump in your power suit you explode immidiately. Causes great many a reload. And if i recall in that game you can't just save load anywhere.

They should make a video game out of the movie "The English Patient"

An English Patient game... would it be a contest to see what player could scratch their own eyes and ears out?

They should make a game out of Snatch. Boxing levels. Shooting levels. Adventure. Etc. It has it all.

They're working on a new Starship troopers game at the moment actually. The first had some good ideas, just not implemented quite right.

hopefully the next is a massive first person game... single player and at least coop multiplayer

The potential is sickening. But to get that many aliens on screen would be impressive. Even if they did it Conflict: DesertStorm style it'd be good.

HELWIG is correct.

Conflict Desert Storm is underrated.

Totally. Everyone was all over socom's jock. Yeah it was super realistic and cool. But when I yell JESTER TANGO ZUZU FOXTROT for the 5th time and the mic isn't exactly angled right it's hard to focus on the game. Plus having my guys not do what I wasn't is frustrating. I beat conflict without ever leaving a soldier behind. Socom there was no reason to carry your guys body back if he died. And the final mission I did 45 times and finally just lucked out.

I want a GTA style game based on Sling Blade. Plenty of potential for different missions - carry bags of laundry around, killing rednecks with mower blades, buying potted meat etc. Collecting biscuits and french fried potators to restore health. It's all there.

TW, you screwed up the title. It's "Super" Troopers. Not "Starship" Troopers.

That and "They Live." Those have potential.

Mrs. Doubtfire could make a fun, if not graphically innapropriate game. Phone Booth too.

Pootie Tang would kick major ass.

Booty Call, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Cape Fear, Goodfellas, Godfather 1, 2, and 3, Reservoir Dogs.

Battlefield Earth and Dusk Til Dawn.