best movies about business

  1. Glengarry Glenross
  2. Wall Street
  3. Boiler Room

what are you fav's?

Wall Street. Barbarians at the Gate.

risky business


wall street

I didn't like Glengary Glenross after the first viewing myself. But upon second and above viewings I appreciate this movie much more.

Glengary Glenross

A tough movie to watch.

When Jack Lemmon was at that couple's house and they were wanting him SO desperately to leave and he kept hanging on...that hurt to watch.

BUT...for anyone in sales or thinking of going into sales, it is a must.

The Big Kahuna

I loved this movie because, to me, it was so real. A great "Fly on the wall" type of a movie since almost the entire movie takes places in a hotel room.

rogue trader was decent

Head Office

Office Space.

"hmm... yeah."

$5.50? Buy it!

Office Space and

"rogue trader was decent"

wasnt that based on a true story?

sure was-about Nick Leeson/Barings Bank collapse in '95

Rogue trader, Barbarians at the gate and When Genius failed are all based on truth.

Pimps and Hoes.