Best Muay Thai in NYC - GO!

Sell me on the best muay thai in Manhattan.

So many options, I got burned last time when I joined a gym and then they fired the MT instructor. I joined because of the MT instructor, paid for 6 months upfront, and then they fired him and left me feeling a bit ripped off.

Looking for a safe, professional, experienced MT gym. I'm looking at WAT Gym (Phil Nurse), Fighthouse, Ultimate MT, and some others.



 A lot of the guys from your other gym went to where Coban Lookchaomaesaitong is teaching. If not there try Fighthouse, tell Brandon I sent you.

If it's the gym I am thinking of :-)
well, we offered former students a FREE MONTH at our gym to try us out because of what they did over there (at "that gym")

if you are from that gym you can check us out at

I mean, if you are from "that gym"

lol "that gym"

thanks Aaron. Hope all is well in NC with you and hope you're being treated well.

I'll check it out.

 The WAT is a pretty awesome place.  I have flown out there to train for 2 weeks on 2 seperate occasions for my summer vacation.  Awesome environment, awesome instructors and everyone there is very respectful.  I will probably go again for a few weeks this summer. 

Being new you will get tons of one on one time with Phil and their other top instructors.  Learned a ton while I was there in just a short period of time. 

I'm baaaaack!

Hoping to start teaching classes at the start of February.

subbing for future reference

I had a good experience at five points academy about a year and a half ago.  I am thinking about rejoining in the next month or so.

How much are NYSanDa and Kingsthaiboxing a month? 

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