Best "new" game for xbox?

Which game in your opinion is the best new game for xbox and why? When I say "new" I mean a game that's only been out for a few months or so.

What's your favorite genre? Shooter? Brawler? RPG? etc.

The Warriors or Call of Cthulhu.

If you haven't played Half Life 2 on PC, the Xbox version should be out any time now -- it went gold last week.

"What's your favorite genre? Shooter? Brawler? RPG? etc"

I'm not really into rpgs all that much. I like shooters and brawler-action type games.

"The Warriors or Call of Cthulhu.
If you haven't played Half Life 2 on PC, the Xbox version should be out any time now -- it went gold last week."

What are Call of Cthulhu and Half Life 2 like?

Shooters, sort of. Cthulhu is a survival horror wrapped in a shooter game engine, but you have to play almost 4 hours before you even get a gun. Half-Life 2 is a shooter that some sites have called the best game of all time.

If you like brawler/action games, then you probably can't go wrong with The Warriors.

What are some decent sites to check out that preview and review games?

Or just go to, it collates ratings from every site and magazine so you can search by system, by game, or by score. Plus it has links to most of the reviews.

If you like driving, Burnout 4 is a nifty little arcade-type game that is easy to pick up and play (unlike say, Forza or GT4).

Brawlers - Warriors is good, and my personal bias is to say that if you have (A) a lot of patience, (B) willingness to d'l some how-to videos, and (C) the ability learn some rather complicated tactics and button-pressing combos, then Ninja Gaiden Black will be the most fun you have on the XBox this year. It will occupy you for 20 hours if you play it once, 35 if you play through it twice (the difficulty levels are very, very different, making multiple playthroughs possible without getting boring), and if you have some skill, 50-60 hours for trying to beat all the one-shot missions. In contrast, Warriors will get you 10 hours or so. Words of warning - do not try NGB if you get mad easily :-)

For shooters - Far Cry: Instincts is good all-around, Call of Cthulhu is a great mix of FPS, stealth, and horror, and Serious Sam 2 is a great purely-mindless blast-fest. Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood is a pretty fair WWII shooter.

Thanks for all the input, guys.

I couldn't get that into Far Cry. I find myself having little patience for a game where it takes 5-6 direct hits from an assault rifle to kill a guy in a t-shirt. Plus I got sidetracked by SotC and now by Cthulhu.

Call of Cthulhu is hard, but very cool!

Stay away from Ninja Gaiden if you have any anger issues... The game comes with Silicone Lube, I swear to fucking god, it will Anally rape you repeatedly. Just when you start getting into it and liking it, it pulls out and comes back with a bigger dick.

The game is great, but it's insanely hard and not by any bullshit that we had to deal with back in the day with making a game hard via bad controls or no ability to save or whatever...

Is Cthulhu good?

My buddy was telling me about how hard Ninja Gaiden is. He ended up just selling it about halfway through the game. I'd probably end up breaking the game myself.

Gamespy just did a review of Cthulhu, check it out.

I think Ninja Gaiden was one of my most rewarding gaming experiences.

Call of Cthulhu is great, especially if you're a fan of H.P. Lovecraft's works - It's remarkably faithful. The game is not your typical first-person shooter. It's slower paced (at least for the first part of the game) and you're forced to rely more on stealth than run-and-gun tactics.

It's also quite difficult. I highly recommend it.

j-money - about Ninja Gaiden - you can avoid 90% of the difficulty by going to and downloading the videos of how to beat the various monsters. On the one hand I have to shake my head that the game is so hard you have to watch videos to beat it, but on the other hand, those videos make it 100x easier. And like Detriment says, it is truly rewarding when you beat it. (BTW - Detriment, are you the same guy with videos on that site with the username Detrimantix?)

Actually, kai has a great point when he says "Just when you start getting into it and liking it, it pulls out and comes back with a bigger dick." While it is by no means perfect, NG is one of the best paced games this generation, if not ever, IMHO. Let me explain what I mean by that. Anyone who has ever played a FPS game knows that you don't get all the weapons up front; you have to work and make progress in order to get the better ones. Same with RPG's - you have to play a while before you get the cool abilities. Most action games follow this rule, too; you get more and more (and cooler) moves with which to beat someone's ass. This is what keeps you playing all the way through.

The problem is that usually that's all just window dressing. Look at Doom 3, for example - no matter how far you go in the game, no matter what monsters you fight, you can always rely on the shotgun. It works for everything. As a result, even when fighting new monsters or in new locales, your strategy rarely varies. Many, many game creators think that if they give you an ice level, then a fire level, then a forest, etc., they're changing things up. No, they're not - that's a cosmetic difference, nothing more. Same with weapons that are all alike except for how they look.

Ninja Gaiden is different because your tactics have to change every single level. One level will pound your ass until you master the tactics necessary to beat it, but those tactics will only get you halfway through the next level. You need to alter your gameplan to succeed. And the level after that has an all new challenge.

Case in point - in NG, level one teaches you how to fight. You learn to hit people, maybe move around a bit. That's nice, but in level two the enemies start to block. Now you have to learn how to break an enemy's guard. If you do, good for you - but in level three, they'll begin to grapple you, a new challenge. In level 4, they use explosives. In level 5, the speed rate picks up dramatically (with the black ninjas and cat fiends). In level 6 you have flying enemies. In level 7, you have to learn how to manage your health in marathon fights of 100+ enemies. And so on, and so on. The game forces you to learn new skills each level before you can proceed. So even if you utterly master the first 5 levels, level 6 can easily hand you your ass. The upshot of that is that game is challenging all the way until the very end, and not because it's cheap or makes you fight guys with millions of hit points. That's a rare thing in games nowadays....

is Darkwatch any good?

Darkwatch is very fun, has a very original setting, and is very short - I've heard some folks claim to finish it in 4 hours, and they supposedly weren't trying to do speed runs. I'm no great shakes and I'm 4 hours in, based on what I know of the levels I have probably 1.5 - 2 hours left.

I suppose that makes it the perfect rental.

BTW, there's a "sex scene" that's in the game that created some controversy earlier - and yes, the main guy gets nasty with one of the two main female characters (and gets kinky and drinks her blood while doing it), but there's no nudity.

I'm pretty saddened by the offerings, though there's some good shooters out... Sad thing is a I got a new pc and they just don't feel as playable as before. Can't go wrong with Battlefield 2 or the new Ghost Recon.

Been playing a little Shattered Union though, very much like the old Battle Isle series on pc and Amiga. It's great.

Pro Evo 5 just came out though - MMMMMMmmm, best soccer game ever.

I dont mind difficult games so much. I just dont like it when these games are challenging because the game throws 18,000 enemies at you all at once. It's not hard because thinking and figuring out problems is required. It's more due to the fact you have countless numbers of the same, generic enemies sent at you at one time.