Best new series'

I really enjoyed the Servant too, but the one I watched was also about a couple who had a baby die, and the wacko mom followed this therapy that involved having her care for a real doll / baby doll as part of her recovery, and then they hire a nanny to help care for the doll, then the doll comes to life. Freaky M Knight Shamalamadingdong story writing. I didn’t see any adults assuming another identity though.

Edit – didn’t read far enough before replying. I see now you were talking about The Serpant.

i dunno this is pretty fun:

Line of duty is very good, not sure how big it is in America but it’s massive in the uk, the latest season is coming to a close/just left us on a massive cliffhanger and its everywhere

So good! First show in a long time where I’m waiting like a kid for the next episode every week.

mare of east town with kate winslet
it’s on HBO and only 2 episodes released so far but i am liking it
has a bit of mystic river feel to it

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If you think a Victorian era steampunk theme featuring a ladies-only Xavier’s School for the Gifted sounds intriguing, The Nevers (HBO). So that excludes most OGers, but I gave it a try and enjoying it.

Witty British humor, doesn’t take itself too seriously, great cast, well written, not shy about violence but nowhere near Gangs of London-level brutality. Dare I say charming too?

For All Mankind season 2 was fantastic.

stranger - netflix 8/10 korean with subs
crime and corruption in korean business and justice.

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Pleasantly surprised by the first episode of the Bad Batch.

I find the Nevers to be wholly uninteresting.

Mare of east town has potential.

it has it’s typical gay teen drama in it but i am enjoying the show so far

cruel summer is pretty good

Not sure if this has been mentioned recently but “I’m Sorry” on Netflix is sort of a female Curb Your Enthusiasm. There’s a few seasons out there. Very funny, not Curb funny, but good cringe/inappropriate behavior sort of humor. Basically, a female dick-joke comedy writer has a daughter and is trying to do family life balanced with LA comedy writer life.