Best new series'

Have been watching Mare of Easttown on HBO. Very good show

I’m liking it so far as well, it’s well done

No- infinitely worse actually

This show is trash, in what way is it well done?

Started slow but it is watchable. Has my interest

Trying to figure out what happened to the girls I think is well done

I like her new partner thinking what the fuck are you doing

I think the teenage drama is garbage though
Not every show is for everyone I get that🤷🏼‍♂️

Honestly I feel like Mare of Easttown is dumbed down season of True Detective for housewives, divorcees and young woke white girls and plays on the recent surge of True Crime amongst those people. The plot holes and red herrings are impossible to clear up in the final episode. I never rolled my eyes so much as I did during episode 6.

Interesting take.

I don’t see a ton of plot holes. Imperfect, sure.

I think I see your red herrings as a take on more accurately showing how an investigation really happens.

I don’t see how you think it’s woke or for housewives.

It’s no true detective but what could be?

I also don’t think you hate it as much as you say. After all, you’re watching the whole show.


Well I live somewhat close to the area and am very familiar with people from there so that brought me in, I dont really think they did a very good job there. I thought SNL did a pretty good skit regarding that.

As for the wokeness, I dont know I’m not really one to care about that stuff but Mare’s daughters relationship stuff seems wedged in and irrelevant to the story but I can overlook that. I mean the show in general is made for women, the only good man (didn’t murder, cheat, steal, molest/abuse child) by the end of the series will wind up being Mare’s partner Zabel who although having a higher position was terribly inadequate.

I dont know if I’m saying I hate it, I am definitely saying its not worth the hype. So I liked the first episode, they hooked me and kept my interest. I started fading a bit in the 5th episode but the ending brought me back. The 6th episode really put me off, with one episode left of course im going to watch, if this wasn’t a limited series I probably would just stop. I dont mind watching one more episode for whatever closure they give.

Stop reading if you have not seen the 6th episode.

SPOILER: Now for the biggest plot hole and my biggest problem was how Mare was suspended from the force and had her badge and gun taken. The trauma over her son was cited in addition to her stealing evidence and planting it on someone. The Chief says “Part of me wants to make sure you never wear a badge again” he then explicitly orders her to stay off the case. Of course she disobeys this direct order and it results in Detective Zabel and the kidnappers death. Sure the kidnapped victims are freed but that does not give her absolution from everything that happened prior, chief is way to happy to give her back her badge and gun unsolicited. Also both of Erin’s uncles appear to be involved in having abused her or had an affair with her and possibly her death. One of them got her a heart charm with a date on it? Everything about the 6th episode was dumb.

Watch “Mr Inbetween”

Thank me later



OG definitely delivered on this recommendation. Best show on TV right now IMO. Sadly this is the 3rd and last season. Better to burn out than fade away I guess.

My wife and I tried to watch the latest season Bosch and could barely make it through the first episode. She said, “we are spoiled after watching Mr. Inbetween because almost everything else on isn’t nearly as good.”


Apparently you, I and my wife and my parents are the only 5 people on the planet that seem to think Mare of Easttown was horrible. Amazing cast…but that was the only thing good IMO and could not salvage the sinking ship of bad writing/directing/music/etc.

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Yeah I mean I enjoyed it because I enjoy the genre and thats about all.


Not new but British Show “Capture” on Amazon Prime was solid. A take on how the country’s CCTV obsession could be used to “correct” crimes.

Also finally watched “The Night Manager”. You’ll recognize Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and a British-accented Hugh Laurie. Wasn’t as good as I expected for a John Le Carre story but entirely watchable.

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I’m not a big comic show person and don’t know shit about that world but I do like lots of the Batman movies so gave Gotham a try. Its a pretty awesome series. Check it out if you are a fan of Batman stuff at all.

You talked about series you rewatched… ever watch The Shield? I rewatched that series on Hulu and it was awesome.

I’d rate Gotham my personal favorite series ever (not counting comedies) behind The Shield, Narcos and The Sopranos.

TPB is the GOAT comedy series to me but like you… I’ve rewatched it already.

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Thank you you are right that she was awesome I think everyone on the OG would appreciate it

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Fuck boys just finished mr inbetween. What a great recommendation. It’s up there for me with Gomorrah


I don’t really get into series but I saw a couple episodes of ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ and thought that the way that they filmed it was pretty unique and a very interesting concept.

Basically, they film the show like a sitcom when the husband is around and a darker version when the husband is not being filmed. The color scheme between the two is very telling, with the darker version being more of a dark comedy.

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I really like the show, except for the sitcom bits.