Best NHB Instructionals


You may wonder why I'd post this question here, seeing that your mainly sport JJ. The reason is I like how you teach how to "create openings" in your video series as opposed to waiting for ones opponent to make stupid mistakes.

Could you point my in the direction of the best NHB instructionals that follow a similar strategy? I have taken a look at Sperry's but didn't like it too much. Any other suggestions?

I haven't seen many NHB instructionals as I really don't have much interest in that.

Personally, I recommend a foundation in sportive grappling even if you are interested in NHB groundwork. NHB on the ground is about constantly switching back and forth between striking and grappling mode. Here's what I mean by this...

Let's say you are pinning someone and holding them down. You are in grappling mode. You then begin to punch your opponent. Now you are in striking mode. When you begin to strike, you give up some control. If your opponent begins to escape, you must stop striking mode and go back to grappling mode or else you are going to lose the position or end up in a bad position. Grapling mode helps you get good position back so you can go back into striking mode.

So besides the use of submissions, many aspects of sportive grappling (with some modifications) is very applicable to NHB because NHB is not about 100% striking.

In my opinion, the biggest area that needs to be addressed for NHB is escapes. It is easy to be mounted on someone and punching. I don't even thing a person needs too much instruction on how to beat someone from a dominant position. It is much more difficult for be on the bottom of the mount or a pin being punched. However, I don't think there are any instructionals on that subject.


I'm not questioning the need for a sportive backbone before moving into NHB.

I was just wondering what direction to take in terms of finding intructionals that teach how to create openings with strikes for grappling, and vica versa. The days of learning from videos that present "move musuems" should be over.

I haven't seen many many NHB instructional videos, so I can't really help. Sorry.

My point was that if you can't find any good NHB instructionals that suit your tastes at the moment, you may want to look at some more videos that cover sportive grappling as it is still beneficial.