best nick name in aus

Who has the best fight/ nick name in aus in either MMA ,BJJ, Kickboxing ???? or the worst whateva :)

Dan "DEATHROLL" Higgins. We actually have Steve Gillinder to thank for that one and I still owe him a prize. I'll get that stripper out to you sooner or later mate.

Featherhands :)

Tonka For Sure :)

I think Deathroll is awesome. Has a real Australian flavour.

Woohoooo!!! It's gone from a free poster to a stripper! Just wait 8 weeks Tony till my ribs heal then send her around.

I also like Chris "Heavy Hands" HIELCHER coz anyone whose been hit by him can atest to the nick name.

Cakegirl, cos it's so tough.

I have heard of a couple i thought was cool ...playboy , hollywood and my all time favourite ....Ian ""powerhouse """ Jacobs

The Colossus of Boggo Road.

Gareth "the Alternate Warrior" henderson makes me giggle.

CARNAGE is a great ring name.

Brett "the Butcher" Zanchetta roles off the tongue nicely and the assosciation with somebody that carves up meat with a thai fighter is sorta cool.

Ben "Pixie" burton is sorta strange. Reminds of a US comic who was discussing Aussie football as opposed to American. In the US we have teams like the raiders, bengals, steelers and in Australia you have the Rabbitohs, ooh scary!!!! great fighter though.

Bruce "preacher" MACFIE is another that is a tad diffrent. Initially dubbed "preacher boy" as he attended a catholic (or other church based) school and his mother is a chaplain.

Also Gurkan "The supreme Fighting machine" OZKAN and Anthony "The Man" MUNDINE are confident names too.

Gotta giggle at people who dub themselves all these SCARY names and really we should have a law on how many fights one must have to earn a ring-name. Can think of one of Australia's MMA fighters that calls himself Pitbull.


The Colossus of Boggo Road. Thats Mr.Jones isnt it. :)

"Gareth "the Alternate Warrior" henderson makes me giggle."

yes, I had a laugh at that the other night. a slip of the tongue but, absolute gold.

dale 'hollywood' hogan

daniel 'san' sainty

matt 'money-shot' tepaa

...and 'tafkaa' (the artist formerly known as ammo)

while I'm not a pro fighter, I was once named 'Conan' thanks a very lovely stripper in surfers a few years back.

ahh the good ol' days!

I hope you guys dont bag mine, I adopted mine a few days before my first fight. ANIMAL. It was my dead GodFathers nickname, he was a state title holder in Boxing and earnt that name bouncing the Boongs off the pavement in Karratha. I also adopted that style for my first few fights, now im more of a rag doll!

Not Australia, but I reckon Brandon 'Aloe' Vera is a cool nickname!

I thought "Money Shot" was quite funny.

From: Zviggy

"'John' Wayne Parr would have to be a good one because most people actually think thats his name."

I used to!

I agree with how many give themselves tough names.
Traditionally a fight name is something given by the
public or the media as a handle, or a name that sums up the fighters ring persona.

I know guys that haven't even fought, that have already given themselves 'ring names'. Its an award, not a choice.

Some cool names up there. Deathroll is apt and original.