Best night of MMA ever?

Saturday June 23, 2007.

BBQ set for 5:00pm EST.

Will be drinking some brews, eating some sirloins, and making wagers on all night's fights. Cornhole tournament starts.

7:00pm - a $50 no limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament kicks off. Strikeforce-EliteXC event begins to play on 50" Flat Screen HDTV. (Event DVR'd from 6-22)

8:30pm - "Ring Girl" contest for the tipsy girls in attendence. Begin showing prelims of the CFFC 5 card. (Event is being DVR'd so we can fast forward through any nonsense)

10:00pm - Final table set for poker tournament. Cuban cigars for all finalists. Begin showing TUF finale. (Event is being DVR'd so we can fast forward through commericials).

11:15pm - Winner of the poker tournament crowned. Winner uses some of the winnings to re-stock brews and order pizza for those in attendence. Finish watching all prelims for CFFC, TUF.

11:30 pm - Random univited people begin to arrive.

11:45pm - Shamrock v Baroni fight starts. First friendly wrestling match starts out on the lawn.

12:10am - Pulver v Penn fight starts. First inside-the-house shoving match occurs in the kitchen after random dude hits on wife of donked out poker player.

12:30am - Kimbo v Mercer fight starts. Cops arrive to warn of the excessive noise.

12:45am - All the guys leave to go to the local bars, feeling bad ass from the overload of fights they just witnessed.

10:00am - After all necessary calls and paperwork, I pick up 7 new clients for various incidents that occurred the night earlier at the local bars.

A Lengendary night, IMO.

Why are you waiting a day to watch Baroni vs. Shamrock?

(Baroni vs. Shamrock is on Friday. Penn vs. Pulver is on Saturday)

How do I get invited?

You have three DVRs?

"You have three DVRs? "

No, the Strikeforce event is being DRV'd on Friday. I do have 2 DVRs, so I can DVR both the CFFC event and TUF finale, while watching the Strikeforce card.

"Why are you waiting a day to watch Baroni vs. Shamrock?"

So I can watch it with all my friends and have one hell of a night. Plus I have to spend some time paying attention to the wife, so I'll do that Friday night.

"How do I get invited?"

No invite needed. See the 11:30pm itinerary.

That's a truly inspiring agenda. I usually supplement fight nights by smearing the cats with bacon grease and letting the dog run after them all night. Well played counselor.

That sounds like a dream night for me.

"No invite needed. See the 11:30pm itinerary."

I would rather take your money playing poker...and on the fight wagers...

Stellar53, stop by early if you're anywhere near central Ohio.

Sounds like a hell of an evening! Enjoy.

there's also a K1 GP that day

"Sausage party imo "

Dudes are not allowed in the ring girl contest. And where I live, chicks are into MMA. They will love this night as much as I will.

Unless by sausage you meant brats on the grill, then perhaps you are correct.

I am actually from west-central Ohio...near Lima, OH but I am in Houston now so I rescind my participation...


Scared of my poker play, IMO.

I never lie at the poker table...

sounds like a fun night.

wish I could go

goes back to work for week straight


Where in Ohio?  I live in Detroit.


Where in Ohio?  I live in Detroit.

^ Is he trying to be funny? It's not working at all...

drives to law dogs house with ring girl outfit on